“We are keeping our services up and fully operational for our new & existing clients. Due to the recent government recommendations regarding the coronavirus outbreak, we decided to limit the amount of staff & as many of the staff shift to remote work. Our primary concern is always the health of our staff and customers, so we have adapted our operating procedures in light of COVID-19.”

“Until then, connect with us virtually online via our website and social media channels. This is where you’ll find any updates on how we are managing the safety of you and our staff.”

360 Virtual Tours

State of the art VR technology enabled tours that allow one to feel exactly as though they are in the real building.

Take a virtual tour
There is no closer experience to seeing the actual finished building than taking a virtual tour through it. Among the benefits for the customer, it is the perfect way to evacuate all doubts and questions. You can have the final word about furniture, colors and the spaces to make the beautiful dream you´ve had all your life your home. On the seller side, you can also make a final version of the property and present to the customer exactly what they will get; reducing misunderstandings and follow-ups to the minimum.