We create immersive designs that help in visualizing projects in life like setups. At Creative Collect we use virtual reality and augmented reality to create astounding visualizations for our clients. We help them explore custom built projects using augmented reality applications and virtual reality headsets that bring their ideas to life and help them clearly see the direction they are headed into. With our life like virtual reality (VR) presentations we bridge the gap between ideas and reality and bring concepts to life so that businesses can make better decisions. Our VR solutions can be viewed using smart phones because we create them as dynamic web pages easily viewable on the common web browsers. The VR solutions can be viewed in 360 degree and can also be enjoyed using a VR headset.

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At Creative Collect, we specialize in creating room-scale VR which allows you to have an immersive one-on-one experience. This experience is created using a motion tracking platform which allows an individual to physically (virtually) go inside a design and experience it a different level altogether. We replicate every step in virtual world to provide an extremely intuitive and realistic experience of the idea.


The AR solutions that we provide at Creative Collect are quite advanced and include Hololens AR and Mobile AR. Using these we create mobile AR applications that creates a digital layer on the reality and helps in simplifying complex 3D models. Both these technologies have a lot of possibilities and are believed to further narrow the gap between virtual and reality.