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Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

Our services allow you to visualize future ideas and designs for the marketplace.

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Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality


Significant innovative technologies and trending designs in Virtual reality and augmented reality are changing the entire process of marketing property. Creative collect builds remarkable AR (Augmented reality Services) and VR (Virtual Reality Services) designs that bridge the digital and the natural world together. We empowers you to catch-up upon the information visually with the help of AR and VR. We also help you build in creating massive connections over the website traffic for your business that will ultimately result in higher conversion. Augmented Reality flawlessly develops devices for editing and developing actions like scrolling information, shopping, or entertainment whereas Virtual Reality allows you to experience anything from anywhere as if it is present right there in front of your eyes.

We create immersive designs that help in visualizing projects in life like setups. At Creative Collect we use virtual reality and augmented reality to create astounding visualizations for our clients. We help them explore custom built projects using augmented reality applications and virtual reality headsets that bring their ideas to life and help them clearly see the direction they are headed into. With our life like virtual reality (VR) presentations we bridge the gap between ideas and reality, bring concepts to life so that businesses can make better decisions. Our Virtual Reality solutions can be viewed using smart phones because we create them as dynamic web pages easily viewable on the common web browsers. The Virtual Reality solutions can be viewed in 360 degree and can also be enjoyed using a VR headset.

Our team at Creative collect has been currently working, how AR and VR that can improve your business? we found a quite impressive working guide for you, navigated right from experts!

Virtual Reality Services | CGI/VR House
Virtual Reality Services | CGI/VR House

Virtual Reality Services

At Creative Collect, we specialize in creating room-scale VR, which allows you to have an immersive one-on-one experience. This experience helped us creating and using a motion-tracking platform that allows an individual to physically (virtually) go inside a design and experience it a different level altogether.  Our VR visualizing for the interior and exterior of the house and property can be viewed using smartphones. Virtual Reality service created by Creative collect are dynamic and easily adaptable on web pages, even form common web browsers. The VR Architectural animation and rendering by Creative collect are 360 degrees and 3D with well informed virtual talk guide that explains your property with simplicity. We replicate every step in the virtual world to provide an extremely intuitive and realistic experience of the property.

Virtual Reality Services | CGI/VR House
Virtual Reality Services | CGI/VR House

Augmented Reality Services

Augmented reality is a digital rendering for live object view, usually on a smartphone. The Augmented Reality services at Creative Collect are created by highly updated hardware and software. This trending technology includes Halogens AR and Mobile AR. By utilizing technology, mobile AR designs create a comprehensive digital layer on the reality that helps in explaining complicated 3D models. Augmented Reality services by the Creative collect benefit you massively. We publish interactive catalog’s of AR. Our services include Geo-tags to help locate your property on sale, helps homebuyers in discovering you. Creative collect helps in creating eye-catching advertisements for property or products that generate higher engagement with their potential consumers. We include every possible object that you want in your interior or exterior of the property. It causes intuitive leads to how property will look after adding those objects. For convenience, we allow clients to benefit of choice by adding a color pallet and additional options.

Augmented Reality Services | CGI/VR House
Augmented Reality Services | CGI/VR House
Virtual Reality Services | CGI/VR House
Augmented Reality Services | CGI/VR House
The AR solutions that we provide at Creative Collect are quite advanced and include Hololens AR and Mobile AR. Using these we create mobile AR applications that creates a digital layer on the reality and helps in simplifying complex 3D models. Both these technologies have a lot of possibilities and are believed to further narrow the gap between virtual and reality.

Why Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality services with Us?

WORTHWHILE PRICING RANGE – AR and VR transform traditional marketing actions by contributing to considerable return on investment; it is cheap as compared to the traditional tedious rendering setup. At Creative collect, we keep pricing real and provide you a comprehensive guide to help you in better understanding.

REDUCE TIME INVOLVEMENT – Property buying needs hell amount of time. It also gets difficult if a property site is far from where a client lives in this situation, visiting a property time-consuming and expensive. With the help of AR and VR, you can take your property right in front of your client on their smartphone or laptop without even moving one inch further. It is a reliable win-win situation for you and your clients.

WORLDWIDE ACCESS ON WEBSITE TRAFFIC – In comparison to traditional tools, AR and VR are more accessible anywhere, as buyers can see properties from everywhere on the globe, architects and real estate professionals are now available to display their properties to worldwide media.

GUIDED INTERACTIVE VIRTUAL TOUR – Guided tours are perfect for properties and simple to access. AR and VR visualization let the client decide where to move within a property by spots and information pop smoothly. It helps your clients to understand the property details with more clarity. At Creative collect, we have a wide range of comprehensive services with custom build interactive as per your requirements.

We design the most impressive walkthrough that intact you and your clients with digital environments. Creative collect UK has been working globally with thousands of clients for setting up their CGI visualization, realistic architectural renders architectural animations, etc. We generate interior and exterior designs that are real to life. Our clients have experienced massive success after connecting with us. We offer a wide array of services that have been proven top quality services by our clients. We stick to our plan until and unless we generate impressive designs for your website exactly as you need it to be. Creative collect grants you the opportunity to step up an impressive portfolio of your property with us, so that you can lead in the real estate industry/property business.

Creative collect creates realistic architectural rendering, AR/VR, and CGI property designs for high-quality setups. Get connected with us for more information for rising high into the Property business. 

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