It has been proven time and again that interactive experiences make a strong impact on a customer’s mind. At Creative Collect, we help you captivate your audience using interactive experiences that will captivate their thought process and leave a lasting impression.
We help our clients in real estate build interactive 3D floor plans that will help their customers walk through a room and turn around 360 degree to get a life like experience. At Creative Collect we use world class technologies that provide powerful interactive solutions for businesses and help real estate businesses create life like demos, presentations and tours of their projects. This option allows for impactful marketing of projects at the pre-construction stage and ensures clear communication even before the buildings come to reality.

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The team at Creative Collect uses latest Virtual Reality(VR) applications and HTML5. These technologies help in creating rich and interactive experience for the users and provides them with a clear insight into the project they are dealing with.


Virtual Reality is an impressive tool to bring visions to life and when used in real estate industry, this technology can create wonders by letting customers walk into virtual places and enjoy them before making a decision. This is the reason VR is becoming an important part of marketing collaterals of real estate businesses the world over.