How to Get Maximum Conversion Rate Through Improved Website UX Design

UX design is the method of improving efficiency, usability and accessibility of a website. This in turn leads to user satisfaction and improves the conversion rate. Therefore, it is very important for businesses to focus on the UX design of their business and hire the best designers to do the job.

Most people believe that a good UX design is about creating an attractive layout and an intuitive user flow but what they forget to consider is that a great user experience is crucial for improving the browsing experience. When a user has a good user experience on a website, traffic and conversions follow effortlessly therefore, it is important to improve user experience while working on other factors. Following are the methods that can easily improve the user experience of a website and convert visitors into leads and buyers.


A Clear Call to Action Button


A call to action (CTA) button is a smart UX design improvement that can easily increase the rate of conversion. These buttons are used on websites to guide the users to take an action. This button can ask them to do anything from, ‘Take a Demo’, ‘Download the App’ or ‘Signup for Our Newsletter’. A clear CTA button improves the user experience and tell them exactly how to proceed on the website which is much appreciated by the user because it saves time and gives the user what he/she is looking for without much efforts. According to the industry experts, call to action buttons should be placed on all the pages of a website to give a boost to conversions.

The websites that are designed in folds should place their CTA button above the fold so that it does not get lost and is easily visible to users no matter where they navigate. Further, experts believe that the color of the button is very important and should stand out in the website design. The content on these buttons should be in active voice and should be limited to just five words.


No 404 Errors or Personalized Images


When a user searches for something, they expect to land on a fully functional website. A 404 error is big turn off and most user usually turn away and visits another site. It is very imperative for a business to tackle the 404 errors and ensure that the visitors do not turn away. It is also considered a good practice to personalize the error messages so that the visitors get a friendly vibe from the website. Use of entertaining and even funny messages to display the error messages is also known to improve he user experience.

Use of Authentic Images

Images is where most businesses go wrong with their websites. They do not realize the fact that a bad choice in image department can easily ruin their otherwise great website and turn away their visitors. Therefore, it is important to choose only authentic and top-quality images for a website. Businesses should say no to free images like stock photos and copying photos are a big no too because they can also land up businesses in legal hassles. The problem with stock photos is that they are over used, and it doesn’t take long for the users to realize that they are stock photos and lose interest. Experts recommend that businesses should only use original photos to improve the UX design of the website and consecutively improve the rate of conversion.


Fast Loading Pages



It is a well-known fact that users do not like webpages that load slowly. In this age of high-speed internet, it is extremely frustrating to wait for a website to load to retrieve information. So, it is obvious that visitors will move to another site that loads faster and lose business over time. It is believed that if a website takes more than 2 seconds to load, a user leaves the site and also makes up an opinion about visiting the website again in the future.

Therefore, improving loading speed of the landing page can work wonders for the conversion rate but it is important to optimize the page speed for mobile users as well to get optimum results.