Best Virtual Reality Applications for Architects in 2020

Virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) tools have changed the whole arena of marketing in the real estate sector. These tools have helped business owners bring their products to life and put out the best side in front of prospective buyers in one of the most realistic ways. VR and AR tools have been around for quite some time now and are constantly being optimized and improved for a better user experience and a lower cost.

It won’t be wrong to say that today VR and AR have become effective tools of communication and marketing in the real estate sector and their benefits are clearly visible in the form of happy customers and increased sales. Currently, VR is being majorly used in architecture while AR is often being used for construction. Following is a list of some of the best VR and AR tools that are being used at the moment and will remain in the top slots in 2020.


ARki is an application that integrates AR technology in the architectures and creates three-dimensional models. It allows for multiple levels of interactivity both in terms of design as well as presentation. ARki works by imposing 3D models on existing 2D floor plans and also offers several interactive functions like material selection and real-time analysis. With ARki, businesses can share their content using email or social media and can also record user-selected models in the 3D format.

Storyboard VR

Storyboard VR is a visualization and prototyping tool meant for architects and other professionals in the industry. These this tool is a free tool and is ideal or organizing, scaling and animating simple 2D models. Storyboard VR allows the users to create and load drawing along with the environmental maps and also lets them exchange ideas and feedback during the design process. Storyboard offers simple slide like structure making looks very similar to PowerPoint.


Pair was initially known as Visidraft. This AR tool uses a licensed software to help create applications where the designers and architects can drag furniture and other items into their projects. Pair can be used ideally with an iPhone or an iPad and has a catalog of more than 200 products for office and home. This catalog is updated every day for better outputs. With its focus on the products like furniture and other equipment, Pair helps users to get a better experience of their future home/office in 3D.


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SmrartReality is an AR mobile application. This application creates 3D visualization of projects by letting the camera to overlay an interactive BIM model on printed layouts. Using this application, a user can change structural layers, scale the structure, navigate through the project in stages and also record everything. SmartReality allows users to create a free account and download 2D plans. They can also get 3D plans and models through the application. This application is also available in the VR version.


Image Source : Fuzor

Fuzor integrates with Revit and enables real time rendering. This program is based on a technology which was initially developed for creating games. Fuzor offers its user the capability to comment, visualize, verify BIM information and navigate between itself and Revit. It also allows or synchronizing changes between them. this way, the changes made in a Revit file are instantly updated in Fuzor. Fuzor further supports lighting analysis, color filters, various measurements, slice cutting, visibility filters, cross-section and video rendering using BIM support.

Autodesk Revit

Image Source: AEC MAGAZINE

Autodesk Revit is a popular rendering tool used by architects. This tool comes with a set of powerful tools that allow the users to play with a number of textures and models because of its efficient BIM functionalities. Revit offers great community as well as customer support making it one of the best rendering software for professional purposes.

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